The Churchbooks Team exists to make your life more simple. Taking on the tasks of Bookkeeping, Contributions, Payroll and Accounts Payable to leave you more time to pastor your church.


We are excited for the opportunity to serve your church financial needs.

- Churchbooks Team

There when you need us.


Tommy Lieng



Molly Olson

Project Manager


Jordan Lieng

Contributions/Database Specialist

About our Founder

Tommy Lieng is the founder and CEO of Churchbooks. He has worked with churches of all sizes to help them understand and track their finances easier. After serving the South Texas District Assemblies of God for several years, Tommy launched a new service, Churchbooks. With his new bookkeeping service, pastors can understand and trust, their church finances are healthy. Tommy combined his experience in ministry and expertise in finance to partner with churches so they can focus on growth and reaching their community for Christ.