Services included in your Monthly Bookkeeping Package:


Reconcile Bank Accounts

We will handle the monthly bank reconciliation for you, assuring accuracy and providing peace of mind to your organization.


Track Income/Expenses

We will help create and manage your income/expenses to make sure they are all getting charged and imputed to the right cost centers.


Generate Financial Statements

Church Reporting created to be easy and clear so you have the right tools to make decisions for your ministries.


Unlimited Consultation

As a pastor you need your Financial Questions answered right away. We are here 24/7 for you.

Yearly Budgets and Meetings

We will help you create a budget, track it, and hold budget meetings to make sure you’re always prepared for what’s ahead.

No Set-Up Fees

Once you give us the green light, we will work with you to get your accounting system cleaned and up to date.

Accounting isn’t One size fits all. That is why we have created an Easy way for you to choose exactly what you need.


Option 1

  • Up to 200K annual income

  • 3 Financial Accounts

  • 200 Transactions per month


Option 2

  • Up to 400K annual income

  • 5 Financial Accounts

  • 400 Transactions per month


Option 3

  • Up to 800K annual income

  • 7 Financial Accounts

  • 600 Transactions per month

How do you track your giving now? How do you send out Contribution Statements for taxes? How do you manage your giving members information?


We have a program designed to keep your hands clean. We offer a service where we keep track of all the details with Contributions/Tithe so you have the freedom to love with no strings attached.


Track Online Giving.png

Track and Receive Online Giving

Track giving and pledges to generate reports for your organization.

Contribution Reports.png

Contribution Reports

Easily see trends and important metrics on the contributions you receive.

Year End Giving.png

Year-End Giving Statements

Instantly generate year-end (or quarterly) giving statements to be sent by mail or email.

Printable Directories.png

Printable Directories

Quickly generate printable and customizable photo or text directories for your membership, classrooms, or other groups.

Weekly Deposit Entry.png

Weekly Deposit Entry

Once you put a deposit together, we are here to help by entering tithes into our giving tracker to help with end-of-year giving statements.

Member Access.png

Member Access

Give members access to view and update their own information including (optionally) giving statements and more.



  • Up to 100 Active Givers

  • 3 forms of giving (Online, Sunday Deposit, Text to give)



  • Up to 250 Active Givers

  • 5 forms of giving (Online, Sunday Deposit, Text to give, Square, PayPal payments)


Growing Church? Need more employees? Let us help you manage your payroll.


You focus on leading your staff, let us handle government deadlines, time-sheets, and make sure everyone is paid on time.

Hourly Employee.png

Hourly and Salaried Employees

We can pay both types of employees at the same time.

Payroll Schedule.png

Unlimited Payroll Schedules

Flexible payment schedules (pay your team weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly). Unlimited bonus and off-cycle Payrolls.

Direct Deposit.png

Direct Deposit

Your employees’ paychecks go straight to their bank accounts.

Tax Filing.png

Automated Tax Filing

All local, state, and federal payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid automatically.


Digital Paystubs

Employees receive fun payday emails, which you can personalize with your own notes.

Tax Forms.png

Year-End Tax Forms

We issue and file your W-2s and send them to your employees.



  • 1-10 Employees



  • 11-20 Employees